The strangest places in the United States to take your kids

On this large and diverse planet, it may seem strange everywhere if you’ve never been there before. But some places are a bit stranger than others. Have you ever thought of wandering among thousands of retired planes? Or are you looking for aliens in the desert? How about a bubbling tar hole full of fossils?

Traveling in unusual places stimulates curiosity, encourages courage and is simply entertaining for everyone involved. Plan a trip to one of the most unusual places in the United States and experience an adventure where you can hear: “Do you remember this time? For the years to come.

The Boneyard, Tucson, Arizona

With Monument Valley, the Grand Canyon and Cathedral Rock, Arizona is a classic destination for the great American road trip. But if you’re exploring nature’s most intriguing wonders, take a look at the Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group boneyard at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base outside of Tucson.

More than 4,400 old fighter jets and other military aircraft are deployed in the Arizona desert, making the Davis-Monthan Air Base the largest aircraft cemetery in the United States. The dry heat and lack of rain in Arizona mean that airplanes take much longer to rust and fall apart. In addition, the hard soil of the desert can carry the weight of the aircraft and therefore does not need to be paved. Tours are only possible through the Pima Air & Space Museum. Therefore, reserve in advance.

As a university town, Tucson is cultured and fun. There are eclectic shops and trendy restaurants, perfect for kids. Visit the nearby Saguaro National Park for day hikes, horseback riding and camping in the hinterland.

Synchronous fireflies, Great Smoky Mountains

There are few places in the world where a kind of firefly, the species phontinus carolinus, offers spectators a magical spectacle. Once a year, in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, in eastern Tennessee, these fantastic little creatures sparkle in unison.

The only way to see this mystic light show is a shuttle from the Sugarlands Visitor Center for a specific week (and scheduled) every year. It’s a popular show so you have to take part in a lottery to get on the bus. But if you camp at Elkmont campsite, you can walk to the area.

Smokies are fun for families and are waiting to happen. There are miles of trails for all levels of difficulty, as well as rangers and park programs – not to mention horse riding and white water rafting. To stay in the park, reserve the campsites about six months in advance. Otherwise there are a lot of possibilities outside the park.

Mapparium, Boston, Massachusetts

This place is cooler than weird, but hidden in a hidden corner of the Mary Baker Eddy Library in Boston is a three-story glass ball. Bisceking the Globe is a 30 foot long glass walkway where visitors can view the location of continents from the inside. Standing in the middle of the globe, the viewer can get the most accurate picture of the world without the distortions normally caused by maps.

The political-geographical boundaries have not been updated since 1934, so there are a lot of inaccuracies for a modern audience, but the ball shape of the piece also creates strange acoustic phenomena. For example, if you stand and speak directly under the North Star, you can hear in surround sound, and if you and a friend stand at either end of the bridge, you can perfectly whisper and hear it.

The Mapparium is an excellent stop on a day of exploration in Back Bay, Boston. But with so many museums and historic monuments to discover, kids can get a bit hectic. Take them to the Playspace Esplanade on the Charles River for a wild, multi-sensory moment.

Great Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone

Deeper than a 10-story building and larger than a football field, the Great Prismatic Spring is a bubbling cauldron of sulphurous spring water. In the middle, the water is hot at 87 ° C (189 degrees Fahrenheit), but when it cools, it cools down and creates circles with different temperatures that attract different types of bacteria. The bacteria color the water in orange, yellow and green rings of light.

The Great Prismatic Spring is an integral part of any trip to Yellowstone National Park, but ranger programs, buffalo and mud burps complete this family adventure.

Stanley Rehder Carnivorous Plant Garden, Wilmington, North Carolina
A collection of carnivorous plants – including Venus toothflies and a variety of pitcher plants and solar pitchers – grow on a morning in this little corner of Wilmington, North Carolina. As one of the few places in the United States where carnivorous plants grow in the wild, it was the perfect location for the only carnivorous plant garden in the world. A signposted footpath leads to a pine forest and finally to a low-lying wetland where pitcher plants grow in abundance. Try to give this mosquito to your arm!

The North Carolina coast has miles of white sand beaches looking for a family vacation, and Wilmington is a beautiful little town where you can spend a few days on the way to the beach. As you walk away from the shops and restaurants of the historic Riverfront, visit the casual Wrightsville Beach. When the surfing is over, you can rent a blackboard and take a class near the pier.

The Brea Tar pits, Los Angeles, California

At once macabre and weird, LA is home to one of the world’s most fertile and famous fossil sites. Bubbling oil lakes gush around the Wilshire Blvd. in a former huge savanna, where there are thousands of Ice Age creatures. When these animals get stuck in the sticky mud, they often struggle to survive. What remains is a treasure trove of fossils that scientists can discover.

La Brea’s tar pits have found around 3.5 million fossils of more than 600 species, from snakes and mollusks to sloths and mountain lions. Although sticky bitumen is difficult to clean, it keeps it in perfect shape so that scientists can collect parts of animal stories and behaviors they would not otherwise have – the site even conserves entire ecosystems. Aspiring paleontologists can learn all about these fossils, as well as details about document searches and demonstrations at the museum site.

Not far from the Tar Pits is Chris Burden’s Urban Light art installation. This collection of cast iron street lights, restored in 1920, is a charming tribute to the history of Los Angeles and a great backdrop for your family album.

Area 51, Nevada

There are all sorts of stories about Area 51. Some people think they save alien spaceships that crashed on Earth. Others say it’s the place of secret meetings between foreigners and the government. It has also been said that scientists invent time travel and teleportation devices. Whatever the truth, it is a strange place to visit. The planes are not allowed to fly over and the US government has not even admitted it existed before 2005.

Why not on the subject Nevada? State Route 375, known as Alien Road, leads from Las Vegas to Crystal Spring near Area 51, passes through Tonopah, traverses the ghost town of Rhyolite, and finally reaches the Mars Attacks movie in Pahrump!

Sounding Rocks, Buck County, Pennsylvania

Trip on the east coast? There is a strange and sonorous miracle in Buck County, Pennsylvania, called Ringing Rocks Park. These rocks are not unique in the world, but very rarely – when you hit them with a hammer, they sound like a bell.

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Located between New York and Philadelphia, Ringing Rocks and the rest of Buck County make an excellent stopover. There are plenty of covered kiss bridges in the area, and the Delaware River twists gently as it pleads for an afternoon swimmer. Drive to Bucks County River Country to get water-ready boats for your river trip.

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